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P2 26.06.20

Good Morning Primary 2!


Mrs Kendall here. This will be our last blog so let’s make it one of celebration!!

Let’s begin today with a Go Noodle. Up on your feet everyone!! Let’s celebrate all our achievements in Primary 2! Let’s celebrated being superstars throughout this difficult year! Let’s celebrate the holidays!

Bug Club

I can announce today the THE SOCKASAURUS is now working! They must have fixed the problem yesterday. SO if any of you Apples were desperate to read it, you now have the chance!

The allocations that I made for you all will remain so if you want to jump on and read a story over the Summer there will be books there.

P2 Memories

Thank you for all the memories of Primary 2 that you have sent in . I have really enjoyed reading them all and remembering all the things that we have done together.

Here are some of your memories. Please take time to read them and remember all the fun that we have had in Primary 2. Many of you wrote about the trip to The Scottish Owl Centre. That was a fabulous trip which I also enjoyed very much. It was great to see the owls swooping over our heads! I remember that you all had so much fun in the park too. I remember trying to catch some of you on the castle and you running away and hiding from me. I remember us all having really good fun.

Word Art

Here is another link to the Word Art that I posted yesterday. I have put it onto a word document which makes it easier to print off. There are also copies in the lunch hall for you to pick up tomorrow if you wish to go and get one.

Word Art link

Story Time

Here is a special story and goodbye message from me. I’m sorry that the words are backwards in the book….I was filming myself on selfie mode which I shouldn’t have done. I’ll know for next time!

Finishing off with something you like…….

One of the happy memories that I will always have of P2 is doing the Grandma and Grandpa Counting to 100 video with you. That certainly was the best one! Your little faces always lit up when I put it on. Yes, there was great enthusiasm and there were always some ‘sillies’ during it but by the end of it most of you had got rid of them and were ready to learn! So…one last time….

Good bye Primary 2. It’s been fantastic! Have a great Summer and I’ll see you as big Primary 3’s.

From Mrs Kendall





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