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P2 24.06.20

Good Morning Primary 2!

Hello everyone! We have only three more days (including today) until the Summer holidays! I was in school today doing some more sorting. It was great to have a chat to a couple of Primary 2’s and their parents.

Isn’t it great that we can all now visit our grandparents and older relatives? Has anyone in Primary 2 visited anyone special over the last few days? I visited my mum in Glasgow on Sunday and it was so wonderful to see her. Leave me a message to tell me about anyone special that you have seen recently.


We are going to think about yesterday’s story again and do some writing today. Here is a reminder of the story: The Girl and The Dinosaur

In the story the girl makes a wish that comes true. Today I would like you to write your own story about a wish that comes true.

Think about these things when you are writing your story:

Where are you in the story?

Why did you make a wish?

What is your wish?

What happens when your wish comes true?

What happens at the end of your story?


Here is a Summer Themed Activity booklet that I thought you might like. You can work through it over the next few days.

 Summer Maths Activity Booklet


There is only a couple of days left to complete the Money Challenge on Sumdog. Please give it a try!



Today I would like you to either paint or draw a special picture to give to someone special that you have not seen for a while. Try to be as creative as possible and include lots of colour. I will leave the choice of what to paint up to you. Think about drawing or painting something that your older relative would appreciate and remember to sign your artwork when you are finished! Send me a photograph to so that I can share it on Friday.


That’s all for now. If you would like to hand your Transition task into the school for me to give to Mrs Bhebhe, I will leave a box in the dining hall for you to put them in as I will be in again tomorrow. I’ll leave it out until Friday. Please still email me a picture….you know how much I enjoy receiving them! You also have the end of Term activity book to work on if you wish to.¬† I’ll be back again tomorrow and Friday instead of Miss Hunter so I’ll send you my special goodbye message at the end of the week. Have a good day everyone!

Mrs K

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