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Friday 22.5.20 - Primary 1

Good morning Primary 1 – I hope you have been enjoying the weather!  It has been lovely to hear how excited you all are to learn about minibeasts.  Below are all the things that people wanted to learn about – I will try my hardest to help you find the answers. If you have any more questions to add please leave a comment below or send me an email.

Here are your learning tasks for today:


Today is Free Writing Friday!

  • Remember to do some free writing in the back of your home learning jotter.
  1. Find a quiet space to sit and write comfortably and safely.
  2. Set a timer or music to listen to (15 minutes can often be too long for Primary 1 – I would recommend 8 – 10 minutes).
  3. Sit quietly – Listen to the music and draw what you would like.  It could be a picture of how you are feeling, something that you have learned about or that you are looking forward to.  Try to write some words or sentences about the picture that you have drawn.  Here is a timer to help you

Or if you would like to try something different:

Please help with My Very Special Task (see Wednesday 20.5.20 for the full blog post)

As you are so important I would like to know your views on what the best thing is about being in Primary 1 at Kirknewton Primary School.  Your views will be shared with the nursery children to help them see how wonderful our school is.  If you would like to help you could email the school with any of the following:

  • A short video clip of you sharing your favourite activity, topic or memory of Primary 1.
  • A picture or drawing of any of the above.
  • A comment describing any of the above.

We really hope to get lots of these to help to reassure our Nursery children and see how much fun we have learning in Kirknewton Primary school!

(Parents/Carers – Any clips, comments and drawings will be shared in a public SWAY which will be sent out to the parents/carers of the nursery children.  Please only provide if you are happy to have the information shared in this way)

Interdisciplinary and Mathematics:  Data Handling – Tally marks

Last week we learned about ways to gather and record information.  Below is a wonderful pictogram that shows the most popular Fairytales of someones family -Well  done!

This week we are going to learn about tallymarks

Tally marks are a great way to keep track of information.  If you would like to find out more information about tally marks you could watch one of the following:

  • Tally marks clips

Your task today:  Today you are going to be scientist!

  • Take a hula- hoop or mark out an area to study – remember sometimes its best to turn logs or pots over to find more minibeasts!

  • Write the names or draw pictures of the different minibeasts that you see.  Each time you see one make a tally mark or you could use this template if you wish


  • Try this again in at least 3 different areas – You could make a different tally for each or continue the same tally.
  • Analyse your data

Which minibeast did you see the most?

Which minibeast did you not see any of?

Why do you think this is?

How could you see different minibeasts?

Challenge – You could use your learning from last week to make your own minibeast graph or pictogram.

Have a lovely weekend and I hope to hear from you soon.

Ms Payne

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