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Primary 5 Outdoor learning.

Primary 5 have started studying the vikings. We went out with mini tunics and used berries, moss and other natural materials to dye our tunics.

I liked how we used different ( natural) materials for the tunics. That’s what it would be like for the vikings. Holly.

The vikings used berries and moss to dye their clothes. Harry.

The vikings wore mostly red, yellow and brownish colours. The raspb erries made the best dye.

The children also used their measuring skills and measured out the length of a long ship.

The viking ship , it was pretty cool to see how long it was. A

I liked the viking longship it was fun to do the pretend rowing. Ryley.

The viking long ship was a boat about 20 to 30 metres long.

I liked using the metre sticks to measure the longboat. I liked that it was rainy . It was just like the vikings having to go out inside the sea. Lucas

I don’t know anything that is that long. Josh

I was surprised how long it was but I didn’t think it would be that long! Sasha

I think it was really fun. Sophie.

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