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P5 Viking Topic

Today in Primary 5 we were introduced to our new topic on ‘Vikings’.  We wrote about what we already know about Vikings (including misconceptions).  Here are some of the things we ‘know’:

Vikings use boats to get around.  Vikings drank beer.

They don’t have horns on their helmets.

They had horns on their helmets.

They fight.  Scotland killed the Vikings.

They sail a ship.

Vikings are dead.  Some Vikings were barefoot.

They used lots of metal.

They wore animal fur/skin coats.

The Vikings battled with the Romans.

Vikings wore armour.

Vikings have sharp axes and hammers.

Vikings have long boats.

Vikings believe in different monsters.

They kill.  Vikings are passive.

They have their own civilization.

They have their own gods and religion.

They aren’t simply barbarians and raiders.


We also listed some things we would like to find out about.  Mrs Bird will use our ideas to plan the curriculum topic, building on our interests.  Here are some of the things we would like to know:

What Vikings believed in.  What gods they worshiped.

How did they tell the time?  When did they wake up?

Why did they fight?  What weapons did they have?  What patterns were on their shields?

What did they sleep on?  What did they do daily?

What did they eat?  What did they drink?

Where did their ship sink?  Did they have sailboats?

Where they lived.  Where id they originally come from?

What jobs did they have?  Who were their enemies?

How did they do the toilet?

How did they get clean? What did they look like?

What were their clothes made of?

Why are they called Vikings?

How did they die? What languages did they speak?

What did their houses look like?

Are Vikings still alive today?  How did they hunt?

Did they have a school?  Where did they attack?

Did the Vikings ever come to Scotland?

We can’t wait to get started on our new topic!

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