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Primary 6 - W.E. 4/10/19

We managed 8k this week making our total so far 60k.

In HWB we have been learning how to cope with worries. I get worried when I see a spider and my way of coping with this is to ask my dad to remove it. Aimee

In Outdoor Learning we have been gathering leaves to make compost to help us grow flowers for the Kirknewton Flower Competition. Luke

In maths we have been learning to round numbers up to the nearest 1000. Chloe T

In drama we were acting out what we thought would happen next in Kensuke’s Kingdom. Erin

In persuasive writing we had to choose a subject that we felt strongly about. I think that every weekend should be three days long because it would be great to spend more time with friends and family. Ruairdidh

I think that birthday parties should not be banned because you can have fun with friends and family. Melissa

I think that pupils should choose which subjects to be taught because if the teacher picks the subjects then they might not be as much fun. Kayley



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