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Take A Moment

We have just launched the next part of ‘Building the Resilience.’

‘Take a Moment’ investigates the range of emotions we can experience, particularly stress and how we can manage this.

In this unit we discuss:

  • We all experience a range of emotions every day
  • Sometimes we feel stressed
  • I have ways to help me cope

Have a look at the PowerPoint we shared with pupils on Friday.

Take a Moment Launch Assembly

It tells us that stress can both be good and bad. It talked about Skipper losing control of his boat, making him feel overwhelmingly stressed. It then discussed a strategy that Skipper used to help him calm down and feel better:

STOP what you are doing

BREATHE IN for 5 seconds

BREATHE OUT for 5 seconds

THINK what might help you feel better

This video was then shared with pupils. Every child was completely engrossed which lead us to discuss how it made them feel during and after watching it. We then asked them to think about what things helped them to relax or feel better when they were frustrated, angry or generally down.

For Home Learning, we ask that you and your child spend some time looking at the examples of the different things we can try to help us feel better when we are overwhelmed. Discuss and practice a few of these. Can you think of anymore that might help?

We ask for you to have a go at these for Monday 30th September. Your child will have the opportunity to share what they have tried in their class, or possibly as part of our ‘Sharing Assembly.’

Home Activity

For further information please see the Parent/Carer leaflet below.

Parent:Carer Information

Finally, I’d like to share with you some videos or links that teach us about stress and which may also help us manage stress of our own.

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