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Coronavirus Update

Dear parents/carers

As we reach the end of the school term, I would like to thank everyone for their work to support our children to continue learning over an extremely challenging period.

I appreciate the fantastic efforts you have made to keep your children learning over the last three months, and I understand how hard it has been for many trying to balance this with work and childcare.

Headteachers and school staff have been working tirelessly to plan for the re-opening of schools in the face of changing guidance.

You will likely be aware of the Depute First Minister's announcement yesterday of the aim of re-opening all Scottish schools to all pupils on a full-time basis from Wednesday 12 August.  

This is dependent on scientific and health advice and we are currently waiting for detailed Scottish Government guidance, which will set out the arrangements required for safely re-opening schools.

Once we receive this, we will finalise our plans for re-opening schools and will provide you with further details on the arrangements for pupils returning in August.

This change in guidance from the Scottish Government means that previous plans for a blended learning approach in our schools will only be applied should the health position regarding Covid-19 deteriorate. 

In relation to Early Learning and Childcare, a separate letter will be issued to parents in the next two weeks confirming arrangements, once we receive further Scottish Government guidance.

We will put further updates on arrangements for schools on our website at Schools and Education Coronavirus Updates during the summer.

Yours faithfully,

Elaine Cook

Dr Elaine Cook

Depute Chief Executive

West Lothian Council

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